Our parks and public spaces play a cental role in creating a more just, inclusive, equitable, and dynamic city for all residents.


Minneapolis is ranked the #1 Urban Park System in the United States by the Trust for Public Land and leads the nation in many respects. It's also home to some of the worst economic, education, and social disparities in the country. It's time for our parks and public spaces to be models for the racial, economic and ecological justice we all deserve.

My desire to represent the 6th District on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is connected to my story and the things I value most: equity, inclusion, humility, and respect. The Board took an important first step in ratifying its ambitious Racial Equity Action Plan, and that's the easy part. It's imperative that the people at the table tasked with implementing that plan bring new voices into the process of managing our parks and public spaces.

As a Board Commissioner, I would strongly advocate for:

  • Increased opportunities to partner with schools and youth, thus fostering greater inclusion and a sense of shared responsibility to care for our public spaces.
  • Greater urgency to create a more diverse and inclusive hiring process and management culture, particularly with regard to senior-level roles within the Park and Recreation staff.
  • A strong Board culture of accountability, transparency, and inclusive governance, because we know leading through an equity lens requires constant practice.
  • The implementation of participatory budgeting practices and other ways to bring residents fully into the processes that govern our Park and Recreation system.

I look forward to the opportunity to talk about issues for which I care so deeply during this campaign and beyond.

Please contact me at anilforparks@gmail.com if you want to continue this conversation.


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